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Update 1.0.5/1.0.6: Combined these updates due to a versioning error by yours truly.

This update is extremely minor - I am still coding/prepping for the first major RPG update that is coming soonTM.

  • You can no longer spawn near dangerous items when using the portal.
  • You no longer receive a boat for going through the portal.
  • Fixed a bug where certain donor ranks didn't receive their additional homes.


03 Sep 2017, 07:11 0 | 1
I'd like to proudly present two of our newest members on the staff team - as of this moment they will be the first set of helpers we add to the team.


Along with that prepare for a fairly large update by the end of this weekend, I will be coding as quick as possible to overhaul many of the internal server functions + more cool things for you guys.

- caesarcs

16 Aug 2017, 22:59 0 | 8
Update 1.0.4:

Over the course of this update we have made many great strides as the server has progressed - I'm gonna outline them all here.

We'd like to introduce our new spawn built primarily by @caesarcs and @Garbear1416 - with the help of @TalkyBlarg.
Check out an album of some of the pictures we took while building -
Use /spawn to teleport to this location.

I have also coded part to our custom plugin in order to display the perks you receive by donation (check them out @ /warp donate).

  • When entering the portal at the end of spawn you will now randomly be teleported in the survival world, this is a way to insure that all players end up in generally untouched locations throughout our world.
  • When you die your bed is now prioritize as your respawn point.
  • When players leave you no longer see the disconnect message.
  • Fixed a large portion of minor bugs that were causing harm to the server.
  • Fixed an issue with mcMMO fishing that was spamming the server console.
  • Refactored most of AlloyMinecraftCore so that it is overall a much cleaner plugin. 
  • Removed LWC due to server plugin conflicts.

10 Aug 2017, 06:34 0 | 8
Donation Update : 1.0.3

Donation Ranks have been enabled! Though they are enabled there are still several features that go along with them that have not been added yet (they will be coming soon). If you are interested in helping the servers future head over to and check out our ranks.

Due to you all being beta testers there is a 25% off coupon (automatically applied) for all ranks.

+ Donors are now given recognition when joining the server:

+ DonorBroadcast is no properly configured to allow for you to get notified when someone supports the server.

+ Added a variety of donor perks (some are not yet complete such as backpacks and mystery crates).

If you are an old mc5star member please contact @caesarcs before purchasing a rank - there is a special coupon you receive (we also will need to reset your account on buycraft).

07 Aug 2017, 05:58 1 | 18

Hey there everyone - 1.0.2 brings a few new features to the server along with some more background support on our plugin framework.

  • We have added a plugin that allows for players to create shops in their towns in which they can sell and buy items from other players. If any of these are found outside of towns they will immediately be removed.

  • Some minor updates that will allow for donation packages to be pushed sooner rather than later.

06 Aug 2017, 06:18 1 | 8